Let your bike do the heavy lifting! 

With our large payload Trunk Bags & Panniers, you can now do so much more with your bike! Bike to work, pick up groceries, pizzas or food on the way home, ride to the park prepared for a picnic or a many ways to support a biking lifestyle. 

Consider the following as you pick your Kulie:

  • All Sport: Padded interiors great for Cameras/photography equipment, Wine, Beer or fragile foods (like fruit, sandwiches). Open out panniers for heavy loads
  • Backpack Kulie: On and off the bike in seconds! Looks great on you, and your bike, and fits right in with the office crowd. Carries up to 15.6" Laptops.  
  • Twin Panniers with Box Top: Bikepacker's dream. Also great if you want to carry one or many pizzas to the party!
  • Panniers: Need panniers that don't look like a sack? Don't want to drop a mini fortune? Try our 25L and 31L panniers. 

Fully compatible with most E-Bikes and Trikes. 

AllSport Kulie™


Convertible Backpack Pannier


Twin Pannier with Box Top (38L)


Convertible Hard/Soft Twin Pannier (25L)


Soft Case Twin Pannier (32L)