What is considered a defect vs normal wear and tear?

We consider a defect to be a breakdown that leaves the bag unusable or hinders proper use. We typically do not consider cosmetic issues like scratches or stray seams to be a defect. Every bag is hand made and inspected carefully before being shipped to you, but small inconsistencies may be seen in each bag. Routine wear and tear is what we start to expect to see after a product has been used and loved for a long period of time, these are purely cosmetic and don't hamper regular use. This includes fabric breakdowns on areas where it naturally rubs against your body or the rack.

All our bags are made of highest quality water resistant material - but, in the eventuality that water does enter the bag we don't cover damage to your possessions. We will recommend that if you anticipate water entering the bag due to the intensity of your use, use our bag cover for an added layer of protection. Most Kulie bags ship with a bag cover so we have you covered at the get go!

Do I need to physically have the item I am filing a claim on?

Yes, we will not offer coverage on any item that has been thrown away or donated before a claim was filed. 

How long does the claim process last? Typically once we receive a claim form, it takes between 1-2 weeks for replacement or repairs to take place. We will work as quickly as possible, we understand this is an inconvenience! We will also email you once your claim has been completed!

Do I have to return the damaged item?

Yes, we do expect to have all defective items returned to our warehouse within 15 business days of claim date. Failure to return damaged items may result in a declined future warranty claim. For second claims, we require the damaged item to be returned before a replacement will be shipped. Most of our bags are hand stitched and we are able to repair and reuse returned bags in several cases.

Can I just get a refund instead?

Nope! We don’t offer refunds and returns for items qualifying for warranty coverage. If approved we will send you a replacement of the item in question. We can only support an even exchange, we cannot allow bags to be changed or swapped out.

If I make changes to the pack, like alter a seam or remove something sewn in...can I still call in a warranty claim?

We work hard to create each product to fit the largest variety of gear and lifestyles, but please reach out if you find something that doesn’t work with your bag. Making permanent changes to the original design will void your warranty.

Does the warranty cover me if I don’t wash the pack correctly or accidentally spill something on it (what if my pet pees on the bag)?

Nope. We love our pets but sorry, Kulie bags aren't a pets pee pad. Your warranty is voided if there are any permanent changes due to improper use of chemicals or other natural materials (like pet pee!).

What is negligence?

We hope your take your Kulie everyday and everywhere, but if you leave your bag out in the hot Florida sun for months on end, we won't be able to cover the damage that comes with it. If you decide to leave your Kulie in the garage through the winter with a leaky roof, we'd advise you to do differently with your new bag. Kulie bags are hardy and tough and can withstand nearly everything the outdoors has to offer, but these, and other acts sum up to negligence and we reserve to right to inspect and decide how we deal with your claim in these cases.

We expect that you understand the value of your gear and are willing to invest appropriately in its care. Make sure to clean and dry your bags after use and store them in dry, temperature controlled conditions.

How do I file a claim?

Use the form below to begin the claim process. Make sure you have images of the defect and proof of purchase before starting your claim. We will not extend warranty coverage without order number and receipt that match you and your purchase.

How many times can I file a claim?

If you purchased a bag and have filed more than 1 claim on the same product and repeat issue, we will consider the second claim to fall into our negligence and improper care of the bag or require all previous claimed items to be returned to us before issuing a new claim. We don’t offer more than two claims per product.