Kulie makes bags that go on bikes - bicycles, e-bikes, trikes...you name it. Do you carry a backpack or a messenger as you ride, do you stuff your jacket pockets with your phone, fuel, and tech accessories, are you always arriving sweaty and tired from carrying things on yourself...well, we are here to change that!

We are based out of Seattle where we love to bike no matter the weather. The hills, the green, the rain, the terrain all serve as inspiration to get on the bike anytime and every time it's possible. But biking in the midst of a busy life can be hard. Kids to drop off, work to get to, groceries, friends, meetups....there is a lot to do in life and if we could just find a way to do more of these life things on our bikes, everything would be SO MUCH BETTER! 

Biking doesn't have to be a once-a-week (or month, or year) thing, it can be a lot more than just that. With the right gear, with the right prep, we do believe you can get on the saddle just a little more. And every additional minute on the bike is great for you, great for this planet. And so, we make bike bags that help you live a biking life. For every kind of cyclist, for every kind of bike...we are working hard to make it fun and easy to RIDE THROUGH LIFE! 

Of course our bags are super rugged, super reliable....but just that isn't enough. We obsess over design, functionality, and organization so you have the right bag for the right occasion. We want you to be proud of your bike bags so you can carry them off the bike if you need to. We want you to be able to carry beer and wine and fruit and food easily so you can combine life activities as you bike. We want to make your bike commute to work so convenient, you don't have to think twice about leaving the gas guzzler in the garage. Style is important and we bring you style with bike bags so you are proudly exploring more you can do with your bike. 

We are a startup - we want to hear from you. Email us, follow us on social media, DM us on Instagram....we value your feedback and your opinion! 

Have fun with Kulie and tag us with your pictures :)