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Mother's Day Gift Ideas For A Biking Mom!

03 May 2020

by Preeti Viswanathan

Happy Mother's Day! As a woman founded business, Kulie strives to create thoughtful and stylish Bike Bags that make life easier for everyone—maybe especially for moms! Moms are used to juggling a lot—work, kids, shopping, exercise. This Mother’s Day, the mothers in your life may be working harder than ever to keep life smooth and balanced. We’ve compiled a list of 5 fun and functional products to help you show the biking (or wannabe biking) mom in your life appreciation. These products will help her look good, feel good, and make hopping on the bike a whole lot easier. 

A Cool Bike Lock:

One of the annoyances of urban cycling is keeping your bike secure without lugging around ugly and incredibly heavy locks. HipLok bike locks are on the cutting edge of this perennial problem, offering a wide variety of ergonomic, sleek, and efficient locks. Depending on your security needs, you can choose from a wide variety of elegant, colorful locks.

Review: Hiplok Z Lok Combo | road.cc

Space-saving storage rack: 

Bikes last much longer and require less maintenance when kept out of the elements, but not everyone has a spacious garage for storage. The Endo bike storage solutions allow for convenient vertical bike storage without requiring difficult or damaging wall mounting.


Nothing says “I love you” like a piece of safety equipment. Helmet technology has transformed remarkably in recent years, and every cyclist should have decent protection. While they’re a bit of an investment, they can be the most important purchase a cyclist ever makes. Luckily, helmets have never been lighter or better looking. The Thousand Heritage Bike Helmet is minimalist, stylish, and functional. 

While a bit pricier, the Stratus MIPS Sport Helmet is one of the top rated helmets for impact protection, and is light and cool on the head.

Stratus MIPS

Ombraz armless sunglasses: 

Ombraz sunglasses are one of those products that solve a problem that previously seems unsolvable. For anyone who has sat on a pair of glasses and broken them or had the sidearms chewed by a dog, Ombraz offer a brilliant alternative. Without sidearms, these unique, Seattle-based glasses don’t slide, fit easily with a bike helmet, can be slung around the neck when not worn, and best, are much less likely to break. They come polarized or non-polarized and in a variety of unique colors

Ombraz Armless Classics Regular Sunglasses | REI Co-op

Kulie Bike Bags

While all Kulie bags are unisex, they come in sleek black or fashionable heather grey—an alternative for the urban woman looking for something sporty, stylish, but not bright pink or purple. These bags work just as well packed with wine and picnic supplies as they do with diapers and snacks.

Is the momma in your life a backpack lover? We know some who need their purses, diaper bags, camera bags and office bags to all be backpacks! Consider the Convertible Backpack Pannier for the biking mom who would appreciate a sleek and comfy multi-purpose backpack.

For rides in the neighborhood, rides to the park, or mid-afternoon picnics, consider the Kulie Handlebar series – they are designed to allow easy riding access and look fab off the bike. For a limited time, we are offering the KlickFix Bike adapter for free with the UrbanTourist 5L and the DayTripper. Order now for deliveries before Mother’s Day or buy her a gift card she can enjoy.

                        Convertible Backpack Pannier



                               Kulie Handlebar Bags


If you’re planning a stay at home Mother’s day celebration, consider pairing one of these gifts with a bike-themed movie night. As the days get longer and warmer, you’ll all be dreaming of the open road. Daydream of the adventures that await after quarantine, and get her something that will help make that happen!

For a funny, thoughtful examination of women in a male-dominated sport, try “Half the Road: The Passion, Pitfalls, & Power of Women’s Professional Cycling,” streaming on Amazon Prime.

For an emotional journey, try “Rising from the Ashes,” which documents the story of the Rwandan cycling team competing in the Tour de France. 

If you’re in the mood for some silly facial hair and short shorts, “American Flyers” is the classic tale of a young, mustachioed Kevin Costner convincing his brother to compete in a three-day bike race through the Rockies. It’s cheesy, it’s sweet, it’s sad—it has it all.

For the foodie biking mom, try “Eat. Race. Win.” Streaming on Amazon Prime, it documents the Tour de France through the eyes of a team chef, tasked with keeping athletes well-fed with varied, nutritious, and delicious food.




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