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Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Cyclists

04 Dec 2020

by Preeti Viswanathan

Picking out a gift for the bike rider in your life can be tricky. From accessories and apparel to tools and tires, there are countless little add-ons that can make riding a bike or going bikepacking easier and more fun! But where to start? To help, we put together this guide of useful stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank and are great gifts for mountain bikers, road cyclists and commuters of all skill levels.


Winter is here and the days are getting shorter. Riding in the dark can be intimidating, but if done properly, it’s a safe and fun way to exercise or get around town! While it’s important for cyclists to see where they’re going, it’s critical to be visible to traffic. A good set of lights will help riders both see and be seen! The Knog Plus Light Pack comes with easily attachable front and rear lights that are bright, have multiple modes and can be recharged through USB. It’s an affordable gift that makes pedaling at night safe and enjoyable.

Knog Plus Bike Light


Whether you’re packing a multi-tool and a tube for a roadside fix or just want some extra space to stow a lightweight jacket, saddle bags are perfect for adding storage to a bicycle. Simply load the bag up with gear and strap it on the underside of the saddle. Bags like the JumboSaddle Kulie are the ideal size for packing a small repair kit but can even be expanded for when riders want to load up with an extra granola bar or a light layer. For a more minimalist option, shop for something like the State Bicycle Co. Tool Roll.

If you want to buy a bag that’s still compact, but a bit easier to access, a handlebar bag is the way to go. Jumping on the bike for a quick spin or pedaling to meet a friend for a drink, a handlebar bag is the perfect solution for packing a phone, a wallet or even a small camera. The ClutchPurse Kulie is a sleek, minimalist bag that seamlessly attaches to a bike’s handlebars with two robust velcro straps. The ClutchPurse lets riders store essential items in a secure and easy-to-access spot while its elegant design makes it suitably stylish for carrying around off the bike.

Kulie ClutchPurse


You might not have had one on a bike since you were a kid, but the bell is back! Bells are great when navigating sidewalks or bike paths. They let everyone around know when you’re pedaling through and help keep you safe. Where they were once large and clunky looking, modern bike bells can enhance the look of a bike. The Knog Oi Bike Bell is discreet, well-designed and has a nice ring at a great price while the Spurcycle Bell is made in the US and well-known for its loud, convincing tone.

Knog Oi Bell


In an ideal world you could ride your bike all year long and never have any mechanical problems, but in reality, it’s good to be prepared for some mid-ride repairs. Whether it’s adjusting saddle height, tightening a loose spoke or realigning the handlebars, a good multi-tool has you covered for most quick fixes. The crankbrothers M-19 tool is lightweight, compact and comes loaded with 19 different tools to take on just about any problems you might run into while riding. It even has a lifetime warranty!

crankbrothers M19 Multi-Tool

Voile Ski Straps

Going all-in on bikepacking bags can be a bit pricey, but it shouldn’t stop you from getting out and exploring. While we have an excellent variety of affordable bags at our webstore, nothing is more affordable than grabbing a couple of ski straps and lashing bags to your bike in whatever creative ways you can think of. If you already have a dry bag or a compact tent, all you need to do is buy two voile ski straps and you can simply lash you gear onto your handlebars. It’s not the most refined solution, but it will get the job done and get you out bike camping!

Voile Ski Strap

Whether they’re an experienced bikepacker, an enthusiastic road rider or just getting started as a cyclist, small gifts like these are a great choice for any rider.

Happy holidays from Kulie!



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