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5 Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World

12 Apr 2020

by Preeti Viswanathan

With every passing day under shut down we are changing old habits that we’d never have questioned before. We are innovating and adapting every day, we are becoming more resilient. We are beginning to reimagine the world as it will be six, twelve, eighteen months, or five years into the future. The old ‘normal’ may be gone forever, but there is some reason to believe the new normal may not be all bad?    

My 5 predictions for a post-coronavirus world….what are yours?

  1. Humans respect animal world boundaries: Humans will finally become tired of zoonotic viruses and all wet markets for all kinds of animals will be banned, factory farms full of antibiotic pumped livestock will give way to more humane meat & dairy production, we will reconsider every decision to cutdown forests and take over waterbodies, and we will stop having big cats and tigers as pets in our basements(Watch the Tiger King on Netflix, it’s ridiculous).  


  1. Working from home a lot is the norm: Some of us will actually have the privilege of a breakfast with the kids, some others might choose to wave goodbye at the school bus stop, some really fancy individuals might connect with an old friend, a parent, a partner, or a spouse over lunch or a noon workout. All when business is 100% supported. A combination of home-based hyper productivity, and a general skepticism for crowds and the world outside the safety of your home will see us stay home a lot and selectively and carefully choose our physical interactions.


  1. Local transportation systems are overhauled: On the rare occasion folks travel into work, they have no patience for vehicular traffic and hold a high bar on sustainable commute. Bikes & trikes of all kinds, electric scooters, hoverboards, and yet to be invented electric vehicles allow people speed, safety, fitness, & fun while allowing nature to breathe. The percentage of Americans using their own cars for daily work commute reduces from 86% today to under 10% in less than 5 years. (Note: these numbers only reflect my hopes)


  1. Air Travel is significantly cut down: Business related air travel is significantly reduced. People travel air for vacations and exploration, or only when business needs are critical. Global teams learn to be virtually hyper effective no matter the nature of the work they support.


  1. People value people more: Our worst vulnerabilities are exposed through isolation, and we begin to value our relationships at a much deeper level.
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by Ajay on April 21, 2020

Agreed on all the points ! The world is going to change more than ever before…