Rixen Kaul KlickFix Handlebar Adapter
Rixen Kaul KlickFix Handlebar Adapter
Rixen Kaul KlickFix Handlebar Adapter
Rixen Kaul KlickFix Handlebar Adapter
Rixen Kaul KlickFix Handlebar Adapter
Rixen Kaul KlickFix Handlebar Adapter
Rixen Kaul KlickFix Handlebar Adapter

    Rixen Kaul KlickFix Handlebar Adapter


      The Rixen Kaul KlickFix Handlebar adapter makes it super easy to click your bike bag on and off, so you never have to worry about stolen bags. Rixen Kaul is the universal standard for handlebar adapters with versatile design, easy attachment and universal fit with most handlebar types. Relevant for:

      UrbanTourist 5L Handlebar bag

      DayTripper 8L Handlebar bag

      Rixen & Kaul KLICKfix® Handlebar adapter:

      From bags to baskets to mapholders-all these accessories are easily "clicked" onto the handlebar adapter and just as easily removed by a simple press of the red button. Thanks to the patented security cable, the adapter does not lean downward even when carrying a heavy load. Extremely robust body made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. Using our various sockets, brackets, clamps and distance pieces, you can adjust the adapter to suit nearly any bike (not included with Kulie™). Standard Adapters for handlebars Ø 22-31.8mm.

      Installation instructions for Handlebar adapter:

      1. Of the two pairs of handlebar straps/loops (Ø 22-26.8mm or Ø 31.8mm) pick the one that suits your bike handlebar. Clear the handlebar of extra blinky lights, move the bell to one end of the handlebar if you need to do so.
      2. Slip the pair of nylon loops onto the handlebar opening outward/wheel side.
      3. Slide the adapter into the open, rectangular ends of the loops. Red button with KLICKfix® faces rider.
      4. Tighten the 4 cross bolts to hold adapter in place. Don't tighten fully yet. Take care to have the holder fixed in slightly upward position. Leave enough room for brakes and gearshift cables.
      5. Feed the security cable from under the front structure of the handlebar into the locking nipples incorporated at the backside of the holder The security cable slips into the thin rectangular notches on the inner side of the handlebar adapter.  Pull both cable ends downwards equally through the locking bushings.
      6. Fix cable on one side by tightening the locking bolt. Pull the other end downwards and tighten the bolt. Please take care to have both keybolts firmly tightened.
      7. Both cable ends are then to be bent to the middle underneath the holder. Note: The cable may be replaced by brake cable of a similar kind (Ø 2-2.2mm)
      8. Push holder downwards until it is stopped by the cable. Then tighten the four black screws in the holding unit. Ensure that the unit is fixed in a slightly upward position.

      Using the Rixen & Kaul Adapter:

      Using the Klickfix Handlebar Adapter mounting system is simple. The 5L UrbanTourist bag comes with frame that stays attached to the bag and clicks securely into the mounting bracket fitted onto the bike. To attach the bag, press the red button on the bike adapter and insert the top slots of the bag component into the bike adapter. The bag should sit securely at 90 degrees to the handlebar when put in place. To remove bag, click the red button and remove the bag! You are on your way in a second!